The Oktoberfest King

The Oktoberfest King

George is gemutlichkeit personified. The self-described professional entertainer has become a party icon in Ontario and far beyond. He is the undisputed “Mr. Oktoberfest” as the leader of the oompah-pah band the Oktoberfest Express and the standing MC of Toronto’s Festival of Beer.

In these roles, George employs his infamous interactive techniques, getting right into the audience and bringing people into his act in a way that would make any rock star envious. He also performs his trademark move – drinking two beers while standing on his head. (Chill reminds you to always drink responsibly and not try George’s shtick at home.) He’s been performing this feat since 1978 when he first did it to put a few British upstarts in their place at the Edelweiss Beer Garden at Ontario Place.



At any Oktoberfest, George’s reputation surely precedes him. Heading the Oktoberfest Express,  he has emerged as Canada’s premier Oktoberfest performer and has rightly gained the title as the Undisputed Mr. Oktoberfest.
This Lord of the Lederhosen & the Oktoberfest Express have gained international acclaim from such countries as Australia, Fiji, Portugal, Morocco, and other hot Oktoberfest areas including Kitchener, Edmonton, Ontario Place and the Canadian National Exhibition.



1. Competitive nail driving & The pretzel toss.

 2. Who can hold a full 1-litre glass stein of beer at arm’s length for the longest time.

 3. Guess the capacity of the world’s largest beer stein in either beer, sausages or Werthers German candy.

 4. We involve volunteers to do the wrist strengthening exercise as practised by the Frauleins in Munich.

 5. We have audience members join the band – playing instruments we give them according to their personality. 

 6. Timed or racing 20+ year old beer kegs.

 7. Using song sheets to get everyone singing along.

 8. Dance (and/or) “Gag” contests – * Chicken dance * Polka * The Butterfly…etc.

 9. Specialty dances –  * Hokey Pokey * Happy Wanderer * Conga Line * The Oktoberfest  Elephant Walk.

 10. The whole room does “Oktoberfest Sound-Off” led by George, while marching as if on patrol – or just in front of the stage.

 11. The OKTOBIER-RAP is done at some point – NOBODY – but The George Kash Oktoberfest Express does this!

 12. The World’s Famous Upside Down “Ein Prosit” Toast!

The Audience Participation gags are performed at no specific time slot. Sometimes we run preliminaries, working up to a finale. Some participation does not involve the band, but announced and co-ordinated by George.

The band usually consists of Drums, Keyboards, Sax & Flute, and can be augmented to include Trumpet, Guitar and a Fraulein vocalist –  determining on the size of the group and dictated by venue and budgets.

We can also bring along our resident DJ to add that something extra whenever we take a small break, and to supply background Oomp and Pa for you listening & dancing pleasure. Also, depending on budgets and distance, instead of a “DJ”, we can put on a compilation CD of assorted music.

Stage should be 16 to 20 ft wide by 12 ft deep, with an 8 ft x 8 ft drum riser. Once again, this depends on the venue etc, etc . We have played on the floor, or in a corner of a venue due to size, and will make due with what is available.

The above information will give you a hint of what to expect. We may do all or some. It all  depends on the venue, mood and how “WE READ” the crowd.

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Contact “George Kash” – ‘Mr. Entertainment’ at (416) 252- 1747 or by email at

Mr. Oktoberfest
Mr. Oktoberfest



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